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Website redevelopment [Prosperity4 Ltd] .NET website development.


Website development [Bridge Associates] Website development www.payrollhut.co.uk


Technical move & remote management system [BMA models] Technical office move & systems implementation.


Technical move [Wimbledon AELTC Study Support Centre]  New location No.1 court Wimbledon.


Infrastructure change [St.George's Press] Network migration.


Website redevelopment [OnlineGroup Ltd] website developed with content management system.


Mentor based training [NHS] Web programming course for developers with graphic design background.


Video Suite management solution [BMA models] Video streaming solution for agency.


Database solution [Wimbledon AELTC Study Support Centre]  .NET implementation with SQL Server backend.


Media Streaming [World Television] Live video streaming of annual financial reports.


Content Management System [AmounTravel] website developed with content management system.


Marketing Portal [Bovis Lend Lease] full extranet implementation using  MS Sharepoint Portal Server.


Risk Analysis System [London Underground] risk register with Monte Carlo simulation.


Project Change Control System [Bovis Lend Lease]  .NET implementation with SQL Server backend.


Media Streaming [World Television] Live video streaming of annual financial reports.


Cisco Knowledge Base System [Bovis Lend Lease] demographic based GUI website for project information.


Workflow Automation [HealthCare Connections] conducted requirements analysis.


Video Conferencing [Bovis Lend Lease] analysis, costing, planning for video conferencing solution over IP.


Cisco Process Tracker [Bovis Lend Lease] template-based website with auto-email notifications.


VideoCast [Atrium Communications] intranet based video-delivery system with eLearning and discussion forum.


Document-Sharing System [AbbeyNational] web-enablement of document-sharing system.


WhoVoted [Level5] database design for parliamentary voting record system.


QuakJak [Level5] feasibility study of prototype for online gaming system with Flash and Java.


Need2Hire [Level5] portal for equipment hire and supplier bidding.


Sofamous [Level5] portal for actors and entertainers.


Contact Management System [TP Bennett]  intranet for a architects with security and contact management facilities


BootCamp [MicroSoft] intranet based psychometric testing for project managers.


Costing and Invoicing System [St.George's Press] intranet based system.


Ummah TV [SimplyStream] prototype development of an online-TV station.


1996 -1999:
Security Audit System  [NatWest] NT Services for audit of security event logs and applications which is used in tracing fraud across 1800(NT servers) branches with 40,000 NT workstations machines.


Gateway System [JP Morgan] communication gateway system for financial transactions processing and transmission.


Automation System [Citibank] expert system application for automated routing and processing of incoming telex messages.


Stockbroker System [ACT Financial] messaging system linking multiple market maker systems to common stock broker trading interface at Lloyds.


GTMS (Global Transaction Management System)  [Citibank] user interface and data conversion system linked to the TRESTEL system.


CrossRail Costing System  [London Underground] Client-Server application developed to manage project accounts, estimate, budgeted, actual and forecast expenditure for construction project.


Data conversion Interface  [Post Office Counters] data-conversion and transfer routines of costing information linked to Primavera.


Help System  [Beard Dove] automation of legal documents for RailTrack


Distributed Payroll system [DATASCIENCES-Farnborough (Currently owned by IBM)]


Print Management Systems [PCS Group] print estimation, job costing, invoicing and MIS reporting systems for group of 14 companies.


Electronic Publishing solutions [MELS]  tools and technology development and support for publishing house.